Redken balayage


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• Shake well, and Proof Pillow Blow Dry Primer Express on all damp hair.

• TIP: To speed up the drying process, be sure to lift and apply section by section on the lengths for the complete application


• Mix 2-3 drops of Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine and Move Ability 05, and apply, focusing on mid length and final for natural movement.

• Use a brush to wipe the base until smooth and compact.

• Next, to smooth and add movement through the mid lengths and ends, use a medium round brush, and dry dry diagonal sections, in a soft training away from your face.

• separate mid length and ends with your fingers. Then smooth upper surface co the brush.

• slightly clouded with Wind Blown 05 dry finishing spray to add effect, windswept finish.


• The following day, Proof Pillow Blow Dry Two Extender on the hair, then the hair brush to update instantaneously for a long term look

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